I wonder if it’s possible to die from loving you
Let’s be honest that line was way over due
You’re a pain and I sometimes heavily contemplate on your love and how it intoxicates
For I have surrendered calmly to these feelings inside
Nothing nor no one could ever
No low or high tide
It wasn’t and it’s still not easy rolling with these struggles
But always remember at days end
That I will be the one to cease all your troubles
Because a girl like you makes me wanna be the man I know I can be
And I’d give it all up for you just so you could see

I will construct the perfect scheme
I will protect you and our dreams
As long as I’m alive I want to share this journey with you
We’ll be laughing and smiling in a little corner somewhere just for two

Now I know I can get sour like a lemon
But frankly I think I always learn my lesson
Because evidently I cherish you
You can agree that, that much is true
So I stick around because I got no where to go
But even if I did I wouldn’t though.
Because you are home
And everyone knows home is where the heart lives
And I know love is fair because it gives and it gives.

So let me close this off by saying that you should rest reassured about my love with these words I gift to you.

Let these words celebrate and express my gratitude for your wonderful existence here on earth.

I love you.
Our time is near,
The path is clear
Let us prevail, come what may
And I promise you here is where I’ll stay.

Edgar A. Rodriguez, an aspiring author. (via

(via manoverboar-d)

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